Friday Wins

Friday Wins - 16th September 2022

Updates from CarbonTrail for the past week

Each week, I record a brief update about how we're progressing towards our mission.

Key Updates this week:

  • We have managed to reduce our onboarding time from around 15 minutes to less than one minute with the help of AWS and the SageMaker team. This means it's even quicker to measure your impact and do something about it.
  • Understanding how to reduce your carbon footprint as a business in New Zealand can sometimes be tricky. That's why we've introduced reduction initiatives into the product, helping you understand how you could get started.
  • We've changed how you categorise transactions and suppliers to make it a straightforward process. Categorising is important as it helps you get an accurate carbon footprint number

  • You can now see your top suppliers by emissions quantity in the dashboard

  • The reports page has also been revamped to make it easier to understand your historic emissions profile

We are always looking for beta testers - if you are interested, please contact us and we'll get you signed up. It's easy and rewarding, and really helps us build our product.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll catch you again this time next week.

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