Our Mission:

Preserve our planet by helping businesses meaningfully reduce their impact.

About CarbonTrail

Through innovation and education CarbonTrail works with businesses to understand their impact on the planet and become leaders in the change to a more sustainable world.

By empowering organisations we will have an outsized impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enable businesses to be part of a new economy and ultimately create a better future for the next generation.

Our Values

Positive for People & Planet

We are resolute in our approach to reducing environmental impacts and proud of the awesome workplace we create for our people.

Everyone Involved

Saving the planet is hard. We aim to make it easy and rewarding for others to play their part at every step of the journey.

Do It Better

We are founded on the concept that there must be a better way and to create new paths for progress.

Fact, Not Fiction

We act transparently based on sound science, best practice and accepted standards. If in doubt, don't hide it or make it up

Don't be a Dick

Be awesome to one another and build great things that help get us out of the mess we’re in.

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Tom Hallam

I created CarbonTrail to meet our planet's challenges head on and help Aotearoa lead the way in climate response.


Product and Experience Lead

Lauren Dowding

Lauren has helped shape the strategy and customer experience of organisations globally.  She’s trying to practice what she preaches, working with purpose driven organisations with a positive impact.

Commercial Lead

Tim Trewinnard

Tim has managed and owned a range of technology businesses and start-ups. He is a keen advocate for leaving the planet in a better state for his children.

Marketing Lead

Eve Gumbley

Eve has driven acquisition and deployed marketing strategies for several companies in the B2B space. Seeing the possible impact of making climate action accessible and exponential through New Zealand’s SME network brought Eve to the team.

Carbon Accounting Guide

Jay Hallam

As a former teacher and practitioner of IT tech, Jay brings a people-first philosophy into his work. Passionate about inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical development. He is a strong advocate of the use of tech to create a greener world.

Advisory Board

Technology Advisor and Futurist

Ben Reid

Independent strategy and foresight advisor based in Aotearoa New Zealand and working with leadership teams around the Pacific time zone. Focus areas include emerging tech, technology governance, innovation strategy and applied foresight.


Ben writes the weekly Memia newsletter covering the latest emerging tech trends and accelerating global change.

Carbon Quality Assurance Advisor

Jeska McHugh

Jeska is an independent carbon, sustainability and environmental assurance professional in Ōtautahi and director of McHugh & Shaw. Jeska has worked in this space in various roles, including research, consultancy, auditing and certification, for over twenty years. 

The quality systems that support auditing, certification, and credible sustainability claims are an area of interest and expertise. Jeska is a current member of the New Zealand ISO/TC 207 SC 7 team (Greenhouse gas management and climate change-related activities) appointed by Standards New Zealand, having input into the revision and development of international standards.